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We are a thriving and vibrant rowing club located on the nerve of Waterford City.

Oldest Sporting Club in a City

We are a thriving and vibrant rowing club located on the nerve of Waterford City. We have been in existence for more than 130 years, and we have the distinction of being the oldest sporting club in a city over 1000 years old. The club is also a founding member of the Irish Amateur Rowing Union (Rowing Ireland)


The Coronavirus pandemic affected every sector of society, and our club was not immune to its effects. We had to shut down for some time when the virus was at its peak, but even as we have reopened now, there are still restrictions in place to present the spread. That is why every visitor to our club is expected to abide by certain rules.

Boating information

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The club members are the club’s loyal patrons, the regular hirers who are out repeat customers. Membership of our club gives you access to many benefits, and you will be entitled to certain privileges that are not just for everyone. Learn about what it means about to be a member of our prestigious club

Boating division

There are seven boating divisions available at Waterford Boat Club. They all provide a wide range of racing, navigational, and social activities. Each boating division represents the wide range of activities you can involve yourself while at the club. It is what makes the club the perfect leisure spot for boat lovers. You will find more information about each division on their individual pages.

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Getting to Know Us

Waterford Boat Club is a thriving and vibrant rowing club located in the centre of Waterford City. The club has been in existence for over a century, and it is the oldest club in the city.

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