Sydney Waterford Boat Club


Coronavirus Policy

The Covid-19 pandemic has significance in every part of the world. While its severity might vary, the consequences are similar all across the world. It has led to the loss of billions due to closure of business, and many sectors of the economy are still suffering from its effects in one way or the other. While Australia is one of the fortunate countries that has been able to control the spread of the virus, the effects remain very much visible with many businesses struggling to survive the economic downturn resulting from the virus. However, the mere fact that the spread is under control is worth celebrating. Nothing shows this more than statistics and the available ones as at January 9, 2021, shows that there have been 4,818 cases with only 16 cases so far this week. Testing remains very much in action, with over 4.3 million tests conducted so far.

The Coronavirus pandemic affected every sector of society, and our club was not immune to its effects. We had to shut down for some time when the virus was at its peak, but even as we have reopened now, there are still restrictions in place to present the spread. That is why every visitor to our club is expected to abide by certain rules. Here are some of the restrictions;

  • Anyone who has symptoms similar to that of flu or cold should not attend the club.
  • You should not attend the club if there’s a likelihood that in the past 14 days, you have been in contact with someone who might have or has covid-19.
  • The club is only open to members, volunteers, sailing school customers and staff. The public or guests are not allowed access.
  • There are contact tracing procedures at the club, and everyone that visits the club is expected to comply with on every visit.
  • Members can remove craft from storage and return it.
  • All government regulations on social distancing such as staying 1.5 metres apart and allowing 4 square metres to each person indoors must be complied with
  • The maximum number of people in a group is 50
  • It is advisable that you should rig outside the yard, but if you rig in the yard, you should move out as soon as you can.
  • The club change rooms and toilets are open, and social distancing rules apply.
  • All internal facilities at the club remain closed.
  • The yard is open during business hours but will require fob/security access card after hours.
  • Road trailers have limited access to the yard or ramp.
  • The staff will not provide any assistance on the water or yard for activities that are not organised by the club.
  • There are no rescue resources available for activities that are not organised by the club, so using the harbour is at your risk.