Sydney Waterford Boat Club


About the Cruiser boating division

Over the years, boating has been a popular activity done in Australia as a sport or a form of recreation. Truly, water adventures can be so enjoyable, especially with the perfect boat. This means that there are some boats that are specifically built for the purpose of having maximum fun and comfort on the water, even though all boats can be cruised. One of the specifically built boats for this purpose is the cruiser. Over the years, the cruiser boat has enjoyed great attention and respect from boaters all over the world, especially in Australia. Without a doubt, it satisfies the needs and dreams of every boater.

The cruiser is one of our best and sought-after vessels. It is a modern, powerboat that provides a lot of innovative solutions for boaters in terms of flexibility, efficiency, practicality, accommodation, comfort, functionality and safety. The cruiser is in a league of its own! If you are a boater who appreciates elegance, quality, and easy and uncomplicated boating, then this vessel is for you. If you were to make a wish that would be granted, we are sure you would wish for a yacht- won’t you? It’s a no brainer. But why would you wish for a yacht when you could have access to a cruiser? This cruiser provides for its boaters or crew most of the pleasantness of a yacht while incurring a much less charge. This is indeed an icing on the cake for all our boaters- both high and middle class. You might want to ask “how much cheaper?” Truly, it depends on your own personal budget or finances, but we can assure you that it is reasonably convenient and affordable for every boater.

Arguably, never before have boaters witnessed such lofty levels of excellence in terms of design and functionality execution in affordable boats that are greatly regarded as standard. The cruiser boat just has it all.

Why is the cruiser the best option for you? It is the best option for you because you are guaranteed a faster and stable ride due to its improved hydrodynamic and aerodynamic designs. It affords you the opportunity to be on water day and night- not all vessels can afford you this. Its benefits are not limited to those alone. It also possesses multiple engines that are suitable for long-distance travels, spacious and changeable cabin, dining area, cabin head, electrically controlled skylight, galley, berths, air conditioning and heating generators, swim platform, practical side deck on the driver’s side, and water heaters among others. The cruiser is, in fact, the perfect option for maximum fun while cruising around with pets, friends and family. It gives you a perfect value for your money, and makes you yearn for another ride.

For unforgettable experiences and memories in good company (that is, with your pets, friends and family), a cruiser is your best and smart choice. Experience cruiser today by having a ride in one.