Sydney Waterford Boat Club


We offer some of the best berths you can find in Sydney at amazing rates per month. Our berths are close to the Sydney harbour, and you can decide to use our marina for permanent berthing while you enjoy all the benefits that the Waterford Boat Club offers in terms of entertainment. You can join our club, and one of the privileges you will get from doing this is that your berthing rates will be subsidised and you can use our berths as your permanent spot. We have many betting shops of various sizes ranging from 8 to 18 metres, and you can take advantage of this opportunity to berth your boat in a safe and secure place. At Waterford Boat Club, we offer you;

  • Berths at an incredible value
  • Berths close to the Sydney harbour
  • Secure marina
  • Modern facilities
  • Access to our facilities for your use
  • Visitors berths are available.
  • Discounted fuel

We also have a state of the art marina that is open to the public and is one of its biggest in Sydney. It is open from 8 am to 6 pm during which it can accommodate boats. Our marina is very secure with passes needed to access it, and there are toilets and showers available at all times to the berth owners.  There is also Wi-Fi access and free parking. The Marina has a sewage pump-out.

Marina Policy

At Sydney Waterford Boat Club, we have a marina policy which details our operations and all the things you need to know about the marina and our facilities. It is this document that details how we manage the marina. Full members of the club can be allocated a berth where they can keep their vessel, and they will have swing mooring permit, fuel key, trailer label, and have access to marina facilities. The berth size will determine how much it will cost and those who need a berth will have to apply to the marina management. The management determines who gets a berth and issues the full member of the application form. There is usually an official waiting list for applicants, and you have to pay a two-month security bond for you to get on the list. The berths are allocated based on preference and according to what is available and the desired size. Allocation is at the marina management’s discretion, but you have to pay the license fees and security bond before you can even be considered. It is possible to get a berth bigger than your vessel at first till the appropriate size is found.

At Sydney Waterford Boat Club, we are committed to keeping a pollution-free marine and ensuring zero plastic use at the marina. The marina is designed to be fish-friendly, and all forms of pollution are prevented and cleaned on time.