Sydney Waterford Boat Club


The club members are the loyal patrons of the club, the regular hirers who are out repeat customers. Membership of our club gives you access to many benefits, and you will be entitled to certain privileges that are not just for everyone. Learn about what it means to be a member of our prestigious club.

As the oldest sporting club in Waterford with more than a century of history behind us, our membership is prestigious and continues to grow. Being a member of our boat club is about loyalty and is rewarded in multiple ways. Here are some of the benefits of being a member;

  • Members have exclusive access to all our facilities such as function rooms, shower and changing rooms, café, and all other facilities.
  • Members have access to all our social events and can attend most of these events free of charge or at subsidised rates.
  • Members can also attend various family events that we host throughout the year.
  • Participation in all activities in all divisions and they can have the best of the boating experience.
  • Discounts on all our activities, programs, function, and facilities
  • Free Wi-Fi for members when they are at the club
  • Exclusive parking for our members
  • Discount on boat hires
  • Training for club members

With all these benefits available for our members, you are wondering how you too can join.

How to become a member?

Membership is by the application. You have to fill the membership nomination form which is then submitted. After careful consideration and payment of application fees, you too can become a member. A member is obligated to pay certain fees. Membership is renewable annually.

You can renew your membership either online or physically. The process is detailed and straightforward, and all you have to state are details about your membership and pay fees to renew your membership.

Reciprocal Membership

We also offer reciprocal membership with some boating clubs in Sydney. Reciprocal membership means that our members can go to such clubs and enjoy all the privileges of membership, and the same applies to the members of those clubs. This mutual exchange of privileges further means our members stand to benefit in multiple ways by just holding our membership without having to pay extra.

Membership vs. Ownership

Are you a sailing enthusiast? You are probably thinking about whether you should buy a boat or join a boating club. Buying a boat is definitely a great thing, and it feels good knowing you own what you’re sailing. Bur when it comes to boats, becoming a club member might be a better choice. Club membership will give access to boats on hire, but that means you will not be spending money on maintaining the boat, storing it, cleaning it, and all you have to do to make sure your boat is in good shape. It will also save you time.