Sydney Waterford Boat Club

Sell Your Boat

Do you have boats that you’re no longer using, and you’re planning to sell it? There are various ways to go about this. The regular way is for you to sell it yourself, but that could mean a lot of work for you. You have to advertise, attend to strangers who want to make enquiries, deal with disappointments, and lots more. The other option is to let us sell your boats for you.

Once you consider the stress of selling yourself and how this might even take a long time for a sale to materialise, you will realise why it is better to let us handle the sale for you. At Waterford Boats Club, there are several options as to how you wish to sell your boats.

An option is for you to sell your boats directly to us. We are always looking for the best deals, and If you have a great boat, we will like to add it to our fleet or inventory, and you can contact us to start the process.

The other option for you is to consign your boat to us instead of selling it directly to us. As a major boat club in Sydney, we have the network both nationally and internationally to get your boats sold to the best buyer. We are not just targeting local markets for buyers but also the national and international market to find the right buyer for boats. There are several benefits to consigning your boat to us, they include;

  • You free up space in your storage.
  • Your boat will be safe and secure with us.
  • You only need to bring the boat to us in good shape, and we will handle every other process till the sale.
  • We will offer your boat to the potential market in a professional and business-like manner.
  • Our network and proximity to information means we know who is looking for that type of boat and we will advertise to the buyers who are most likely to buy
  • Buyers can choose to trade in their boats for yours, and this might represent a good deal in some cases and even speed up the process.

As boat owners ourselves, we understand them perfectly and know each boat has its unique features. These unique features are your boat selling points and we know how and who to advertise to. We focus on the market where your boat is in demand and where we will get the best deal instead of just advertising in local newspapers where it might take forever for anything to happen. We handle everything. This covers the advertising, communicating with buyers, appointments, selling, license handing, financial settlement, etc., is handled by us. When we handle the sale of your boat and, the chances of a sale are high with us.