Sydney Waterford Boat Club

Timber Boat

About the Timber boat division

The Timber boat division is one of the boating divisions at Waterford Boat Club, and it is for those who love to have company and having fun even while in boats. Members of this division refer to themselves as the real boat club. The division has been in existence for a long time and was created based on popular demand with many boat owner members of the club who have interests in timber boats. It continues to grow every year, and this is fostered by the Timber boat festival which is held annually. The division focuses mostly on educational and social activities. It organises information nights and regular raft-ups.

The Timber boat festival

This festival is the highlight of the year for the Timber boat division. It is the time of the year when members of the division prepare their wooden boats and get them into good shape for the great event. At the festival, you will find a collection of wooden boats from sloops, yawls, ketches, motor cruisers, schooners, etc. You’ll find timber boats of all sizes including classic boats from Williams, Halvorsen, Chris Craft, Herreschoff, Riva, and Minecraft. You’ll see large trawlers that have been converted to a home away from home, and there are boat lovers who built their craft themselves. All this will be found in abundance at the event. This festival is where many Timber boat owners come. You show off their possessions, and you will find boats as old as this century.

If you are someone who has considered buying a boat or you have interests in timber boats, this is aj event you should attend, by all means; there’s just so much you don’t want to miss out on. With the large gathering of boat owners, you can get all the information you need about boats and have insightful conversations with many boat owners who are always keen to discuss and share their knowledge with you.

The craftsmanship of the boats here is nothing short of inspirational, and you will see boats at their most beautiful. From immaculate painting to exquisitely carved designs and features on many of these boats, you just have to be impressed. Some of them even show off their well-designed cabins and with every part of the boats carefully varnished.

A particular type of timber boat stands out when it makes an appearance at the festival, and that is the Couta. The couta boats are inspired in design by the traditional Phillip Bay fishing boats. These boats are elegant by every means, and they are very fast, which makes them perfect for timber boats division racing activities.

This festival is not just about boats, but you’ll also get to hear great jazz Music and those who attend the festival get to take boat tours among many other activities.